Why am I starting a blog?

That has been in my mind for quite some time now…shall I start a blog or not? I’ve got to say that I’ve been so busy between my book series, our family move, my children, and the arrival of our third one that time have literally flown by!

As some of you must already know, I’ve always loved books and reading. I was born in France and enjoyed reading so much. At that time, I didn’t have cell phones, television in my room and obviously no computers, which looking back was a blessing…too much electronic nowadays to pollute our mind and our children’s mind. So, I read a lot of French books (Emile Zola, Victor Hugo and so many more). There were not easy novels to read for sure, but those books had that power to transport me in another world. I still can remember so clearly how Emile Zola used to take me back to the nineteenth century old Paris, how I could picture myself walking down those streets and living through his characters. It was amazing and I loved it. I love movies too, they also transport you somewhere else, but they don’t have the power a book have, the power an author has on his story and his character, a power of pure emotion that sometimes can change you forever!

Even though I loved reading French books, I had never been good at French grammar and therefore never tried to write something as all my attempt were pushed back by my teachers and bad grades…That was until I had found a passion for other languages when I was about ten. First for English, then Italian, and Russian (those are the main ones I know). And God helped me and gave me a gift for languages. I am so thankful for that.

Therefore, when I started writing in high school, it was only poems and some songs. I had to choose in which language I would write, and I did not have to look far…English was the one God chose for me. I could have been awful at it and good at another language, I had friends in high school who were very bad at English but very good at Italian. That’s when God comes in action and arrives the bigger picture, though this subject is for my next post, this one is about writing 🙂

So, I wrote several poems and songs during my high school years, and carried on as I moved to England. I then started to write short stories and what I had on my heart at that time. It is only when I got back to France that I felt pushed to start writing fiction novels. As every beginner, it was kind of chaotic but I didn’t want to give up. With all my life changes, between my wedding, our move and our first baby, my first novel of my book series was done in 2011 and the other two books followed shortly after that.

I am now focusing on a Christian novel that The Lord has put in my heart. I will then finish my book series with a last book, and start other fiction novels and Christian novels…everything is in the pipeline, just need the time to write them all!

The blog is for me a way to give updates on what’s going with my novels, but also to share my thoughts and stories to you, my friends. So here I am! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy my posts and leave me some comments.




About N. M. Thomas

I was born in the West of France, a region I like a lot. We moved around a lot with my parents and ended up in Paris area when I was five. I lived around Paris area until I was twenty one and decided to move to England to improve my English (yes, just like that!) It wasn't easy to be in a country and a part of Britain itself (East Yorkshire)where I could not understand people talking to me. The accent was so important that it took me about a year to become fluent. I stayed there for four years and decided to go back home to Paris. I met my husband, who is American, and finally, only stayed just over a year in France as we moved to the United States. I've always loved literature and foreign languages. I speak fluent French and English, and know some Russian, Italian, Spanish and German. I started to write poems when I was a teenager. My dad actually influenced me a lot, he used to write beautiful poems in French (and I keep telling him he should publish them!)So, I carried on writing poems until I decided to start writing books. I've got two amazing children who keep me on my toes all day long so I only get some time to write at night, but I would not change that for the whole world! And I find inspirations from the music I listen, Lifehouse, Casting Crows, Fireflight and others, but also and mainly from instrumental music, original movie soundtracks (those I love!)
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