For the First Time in Forever – Relationship of two sisters

I know most of you out there are singing “Let it Go”, but got to say that my favorite scene is that one. You might ask: Why’s that? The answer is simple: Relationship and love of two sisters.

Having children have given me a bigger window to look outside and I enjoy very much watching over and over again all those animated movies…it’s like finding my own childhood inside in a way 🙂

Anyway, that scene is very special because you can see Anna, full of hope and love trying to get her sister out of that ice castle, trying to reassure her and get her to come back with her, to be with her as they used to be when they were little.
Elsa’s performance is one of the best as you can see her struggle and true pain to have failed in wanting to protect her little sister. She loves her sister so much that she sacrificed herself and exiled herself to be alone, only to protect her. That is an interesting struggle she has within her and the storm inside of her, which literally becomes a snow storm! This is one of the most touching part of the movie…to me!

What did you think of the movie? Which part did you prefer?

About N. M. Thomas

I was born in the West of France, a region I like a lot. We moved around a lot with my parents and ended up in Paris area when I was five. I lived around Paris area until I was twenty one and decided to move to England to improve my English (yes, just like that!) It wasn't easy to be in a country and a part of Britain itself (East Yorkshire)where I could not understand people talking to me. The accent was so important that it took me about a year to become fluent. I stayed there for four years and decided to go back home to Paris. I met my husband, who is American, and finally, only stayed just over a year in France as we moved to the United States. I've always loved literature and foreign languages. I speak fluent French and English, and know some Russian, Italian, Spanish and German. I started to write poems when I was a teenager. My dad actually influenced me a lot, he used to write beautiful poems in French (and I keep telling him he should publish them!)So, I carried on writing poems until I decided to start writing books. I've got two amazing children who keep me on my toes all day long so I only get some time to write at night, but I would not change that for the whole world! And I find inspirations from the music I listen, Lifehouse, Casting Crows, Fireflight and others, but also and mainly from instrumental music, original movie soundtracks (those I love!)
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