Taste & Smell…once here, once gone?!

Everyone enjoys eating nice gourmet meals, or even fast foods!! Everyone enjoys going outside, smelling the amazing flowers, roses, or even a strawberry. But what does taste mean?  It is the sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance. As for smell, it is the faculty or power of perceiving odors or scents by means of the organs in the nose.


I have been thinking about taste and smell a lot for those past weeks and wanted to share my story with everyone. 

It all started over two weeks ago with a bronchitis…yeah not fun at all! After having pneumonia for over a month, I was sick again! Not a happy woman here. Anyhow, the bronchitis quickly developped into a sinus infection, and consequently, I was not able to smell or taste anything for about two weeks. I’ve got to say, I’m used to have colds (when I moved to England, I had cold after cold for the first year!) and I have lost those senses for few days at the most but TWO WEEKS??!!! It drove me crazy!! 

Try to remember last time it happened to you? Imagine having a nice meal in front of you, chocolate cake, strawberries…and you know already you can’t smell it, so how awful and disappointing it is about to become once you put inside your mouth.


Interestingly, I’ve come to know that even with my loss of smell and taste, I could still tell if something was sweet, or salty, or even spicy. That is because those senses are on our tongues. Another thing that came to my mind is the texture of the food, and it’s funny to say that as I could not taste anything, I was going for anything that “felt” the best, per instance, bananas, cereal bread,…

That had made me think a lot about my dad. Let me tell you his story.

It was in 1978, fours years before I was born. My dad and mom were engaged at the time. My dad was on his way to work with his motorbike. A delivery truck was parked on the right side with his warning on, delivering dairy products to a shop. My dad then decided to overtake him and carry his way, when suddenly, the truck, without putting his indicator, pulled over and made my dad fell off his motorbike and rolled under the truck in motion. You can already see the scary situation here. By chance, if we can say it that way, my dad had put on that day a very thick wool leather jacket and as he rolled underneath the truck, about to be crushed, a steel rail got stuck in his jacket and held him there.  He was dragged for over 300ft. People were shouting down the street for the driver to stop his truck as he didn’t notice what he had done. At the same moment the truck driver stopped his struck, my dad’s jacket broke and his head got 19 inches from the tire. 

From that accident, he suffered from important brain injury, his jawbone had a double fracture, and the nerve that gives your senses of taste and smell was cut off during that accident. My grandma had to feed him with a straw through a special “fence” they put over his mouth as his jawbone was broken. My dad suffered a lot from that accident, not only physically but psychologically. My parents tried to sue the insurance and the driver, but they didn’t get anything. The insurance my dad had, was the same than the truck driver’s company, and so they decided to say in court that it was my dad’s fault as he didn’t not wear a helmet, when at that time in France, a helmet was not mandatory. Call it justice I tell you!

So all this to say that my dad have lost great senses that day. But God kept him alive and saved him. My dad has always suffered a lot from that handicap, because it is a handicap in a way. My dad could not do his job anymore at the time as he couldn’t smell dangerous products but only getting very strong migraines from it. I remember, by the past, coming home and smelling gas, my dad didn’t notice that the fire went out and the gas was still on under the pan…and this is frightening and dangerous. For a long time, I developed kind of an OCD and could not go to bed without checking that the gas was close (in France there’s a special button you need to turn a certain way). 

What I want to say is that I’ve been feeling very sad for him. I lost thoses senses for two weeks, he’s lost them for over thirty years!! And on top of it, he is a professional gardener, doing landscape, and spends his days around amazing flowers, not being able to smell any of them…


I also can understand better now why my dad eats such and such food more than others. It’s all to do about how it feels in your mouth.

That experience has made me realize how lucky I am to actually be able to taste and smell. How blessed I am and how thankful I am to God, because sadly, I felt miserable for all that time. I realized how tasting and smelling food was important in the process of apetite. For two weeks, I stopped eating everything I liked because it depressed me to eat them and not taste anything I was used to…it seems like a little thing but to me it has become a GREAT thing. Even though, I didn’t miss smelling my babies poop! 🙂 But at least now it is back, I can tell when one of them actually pooped without having to check diapers every second lol 

Now, I feel grateful to be able to smell a strawberry. I was even able to have some of my Easter meal leftovers and be able to taste it which made me so happy! My all time favorite…my strawberry jam, not the high fructose syrup one (cancer and make you fat!) but the natural one “Bonne Maman” (French brand) is the best, or there are a lot of organic ones out there which are very yummmee too.


So, please, be grateful for everything God gives you, even the little things that are part of our every day lives, things we don’t realize we have, but we end up broken once they are gone. I want to praise The Lord to have saved my dad that day, even though it was at the price of a life changing disability and suffering. I want to praise The Lord for the most little things I have because they are the ones that often matter the most 😀 

Keep faith,






About N. M. Thomas

I was born in the West of France, a region I like a lot. We moved around a lot with my parents and ended up in Paris area when I was five. I lived around Paris area until I was twenty one and decided to move to England to improve my English (yes, just like that!) It wasn't easy to be in a country and a part of Britain itself (East Yorkshire)where I could not understand people talking to me. The accent was so important that it took me about a year to become fluent. I stayed there for four years and decided to go back home to Paris. I met my husband, who is American, and finally, only stayed just over a year in France as we moved to the United States. I've always loved literature and foreign languages. I speak fluent French and English, and know some Russian, Italian, Spanish and German. I started to write poems when I was a teenager. My dad actually influenced me a lot, he used to write beautiful poems in French (and I keep telling him he should publish them!)So, I carried on writing poems until I decided to start writing books. I've got two amazing children who keep me on my toes all day long so I only get some time to write at night, but I would not change that for the whole world! And I find inspirations from the music I listen, Lifehouse, Casting Crows, Fireflight and others, but also and mainly from instrumental music, original movie soundtracks (those I love!)
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  1. Anna Stedman says:

    thanks for writing. I love to read your blog. Anna

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